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Looking for seafood recipes? Try one of these favorite dishes like shrimp pasta, seafood casseroles, crab cakes, scallop recipes and more dinner ideas.

  • Seafood Dinners

    You'll love whipping up one of these seafood recipes for dinner. From shrimp sheet pan dinners to a creamy seafood lasagna

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  • Seafood Recipes

    I've never shared this with anyone before... But I could easily give up chicken. However, when it comes to seafood?

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  • Seafood Dish

    When it comes to cooking seafood, we’re mainly worried about over cooking and under seasoning. Instead,

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  • Seafood Shopping

    Buying seafood is a little trickier than just picking up a box of mac and cheese, but with a little shopping

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  • Sustainable Seafood

    It’s time for a seafood change. We give you tips for sourcing, buying, and eating sustainable seafood. Words: Anna Turns

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  • Seafood

    Proper handling of seafood can greatly reduce your risk of food poisoning. Keep the following safety tips in mind when buying,

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