Cooking Seafood at Home

We love when you visit us at Marker 32, some nights just call for a cozy home-cooked meal. The beauty of cooking seafood is the simplicity,

Get it Good and Hot

Using the right kind of pan at the right temperature

Keep it Simple

Fish is so delicate and its incredible flavors can be

Buy the Good Stuff

A good place to start for someone new to cooking seafood

Tips for Cooking Seafood

Be choosy

Buy fresh seafood that is refrigerated or displayed on a thick bed of fresh ice that is not melting.

Store it properly

Store seafood in the refrigerator if you’re going to eat it within 2 days after you buy it.

Cook it safely

Thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight. If you need a quicker method, seal it in a plastic bag and let it sit in cold water or microwave it on the “defrost” setting.

If you’re pregnant

Seafood contains nutrients that are important for the growth and development of babies and children. The FDA recommends pregnant women eat 2 to 3 servings (8 to 12 ounces) of seafood per week.


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Tips & Tricks

Cooking with Seafood

Awww shucks!

When it comes to more advanced seafood, like oysters, it’s important to know what you’re doing.

Shelling prawns

Prawns are an Aussie favourite. When it comes to shelling,

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Healthy Sustainable Seafood

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