Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Seafood Dish

When it comes to cooking seafood, we’re mainly worried about over cooking and under seasoning. Instead, keep these simple tips in mind when throwing down in the kitchen, and watch your friends rave about your culinary skills.

1. Use medium-low heat to achieve crispy skin

The important thing to remember is when placing salmon (skin-side down) in the pan, press down so the skin evenly starts to cook, otherwise it will start to curl out of shape.

2. Put clams (and other shellfish) in the freezer 5-10 min. before shucking

This helps the meat loosen from the shell a bit, giving your hands a break trying to get the most out of your shellfish.

3. For your quick, one-pan meals, pick veggies that cook quickly (to match the fish)

Veggies like tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, bell peppers, bok choy and fennel all cook relatively at the same pace as fish, so your dish will be done at the same time. If choosing potatoes or like to compliment your dish, start them in the oven 10 min. prior to the fish.

4. Brush your fish with mayo before roasting to keep it from drying out

No need to go overboard with the mayo, but mix it in with some seasoning and spread evenly to keep the fish moist. It also helps breadcrumbs stick for a crispy topping finish.

5. Make sure you’re using the right oil

When frying catfish, grapeseed, canola or olive oil are best because they are high smoke point oils. Nut oils like almond or pistachio work best with medium-heat sauteing, not deep frying.

6. Use a cooling rack, not paper towels

Drain your fried fish on a cooling rack to keep the crispiness; paper towels and brown paper bags is an old fashioned tip, but could make your fish more mushy than you’d like.

7. Let your seafood cook

Quit flipping your seafood over and over again! Instead, leave it to cook on one side 70% and then flip once for best results.

8. Use lemon slices to your advantage

Don’t you hate when you’re grilling fish and it sticks to the rack despite all efforts to prevent it? Grab some lemon slices and place them on the rack first, cooking the fish on top. It gives flavor and saves all the goodness.

9. Let seafood thaw before cooking

Place your seafood mix out for 30 minutes prior to cooking for best results. The shock from cold to hot can dry out or cook too quickly which we don’t want!

10. Try to shop sustainable when possible!

Avoid supporting unfair labor practices, repellent farming conditions and unsustainable fishing by saying no to seafood like shrimp and tuna and yes to seafood like mussels and catfish! They’re less expensive and the most sustainable right now.

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